Who we are

Marieke is a dreamer, a wanderer, and writer of YA fiction. From literary to fantasy, all her characters have a sprinkling of magic in their lives. Marieke's own world is filled with stories, which makes it impossible not to write. An avid lover of languages, at sixteen she decided to learn Japanese. Although her Kanji has grown rusty, she retains a fondness for Japanese history and culture.

Rachael Harrie used to write “nice” fiction until she realized her characters kept suffering from nasty author-induced tragedies. So she turned to YA Horror (with a dash of paranormal) and never looked back. Rach is the founder and organizer of the Writers' Platform-Building Crusade, a way for writers to network and build connections, and can be found at Rach Writes... She studied Japanese for nine years and lived in Japan for a year, and is devastated to hear about the multiple tragedies the people of Japan are suffering.

Luna has been creating new worlds most of her life, some more magical then others. A writer of YA, her stories are as varied as her book collection and her characters have a tendency to cause sleep deprivation. She has been fascinated by Japan since her father returned from a business trip with her first Yukata when she was little. With the exception of a few key words and phrases she has yet to master the language...

Amanda Milner loves all things strange. Which is why she writes for teens (strange by nature) and her stories all have SUPERnatural elements. She sees beauty everywhere and can't resist a good photo-op. She finds it painful to be serious. When the earthquake struck Japan Amanda couldn't pull away from the news unfolding hour by hour, day by day. She was awe struck and horrified by the raw power of nature & its ability to devastate generations of lives and homes in seconds. As a mother her heart ached for the young lives lost and the parents of missing children. But she saw beauty in the courage of the survivors and the selfless acts of people around the world who dropped everything to help. Amanda believes in the healing power of prayer & HOPE.

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