How it works

  • Every auction item will be posted separately
  • You can bid on the items by posting in the comments
  • Bidding on each item is open for three days
  • When the comments close, the highest bid is the winner

Simple, eh?

Of course there are a few more things to it:
  • After winning the bid on an item claim your win by mailing us at writehope2011 at gmail dot com
  • Considering we are raising money for an emergency relief fund, we ask you to contact us and pay within ONE week via de paypal account on this website. At the end of the auction all proceedings will be donated to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Children in Emergency Relief Fund.
  • If for mysterious reasons you don't want to be part of the auction but do want to donate, click the paypal button in the sidebar.

Details concerning separate items will be added to the blog post

If you have any questions feel free to ask them anywhere but in the comments to the items ;-) Nozomi will show up on the blog on random moments to chat about all things not bidding.

Write Hope 2011 is a registered fundraiser for Save the Children

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