Announcing the start of the auction

It's official - we'll start the auction this Monday at 9AM sharp. 9AM EDT, that is.

From 9AM onwards for the next two weeks, every weekday will feature 5-10 auction items. All items remain open for exactly three days.

For post featuring auction items we'd like to ask you to only use the comments for bids. There'll be other threads where you can reply, chat, ask questions and give suggestions, but the auction threads are solely for bidding.

So there you have it! The official start! ;-) The next ten weekdays* will be filled with solidarity, fun, and hopefully a lot of money for the children in Japan.

Spread the hope and stay awesome! <3

* And just maybe a special weekend item too... more details tomorrow!

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Kittie Howard said...

Great news! I hope to post tomorrow.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

great initiative... great!! hope you are successful.. my soul is aching with pain Japan is going thru... God bless them .. and you too!

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