Day 9 - Item 7

From author Megan Bostic: a signed ARC of Never Eighteen, a query critique, and either a book trailer or a gift card.

I had the dream again. The one where I’m running. I don’t know what from or where to, but I’m scared, terrified really.

Austin Parker is never going to see his eighteenth birthday. At the rate he’s going, he probably won’t even see the end of the year. But in the short time he has left there’s one thing he can do: He can try to help the people he loves live—even though he never will.

It’s probably hopeless.

But he has to try.


Bidding is open until April 3rd, 3PM EDT

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Anonymous said...


J. Kimble said...

I need a book trailer for my Pegadonkey, and I know you have the energy after a week in the sun. Of course, I also need to make my final edits and find a publisher. Megan does awsome trailers folks, check her stuff out. :)

I bid $100

Marieke said...

Bidding on this item is closed! Congrats J. Kimble :) Please shoot us a mail for further details!

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