Day 1 - Item 5

From children's author Jacqueline Houtman a signed copy of The Reinvention of Edison Thomas.

Eddy Thomas copes with the noise and crowds of Drayton Middle School by reciting the periodic table of elements, memorizing Morse code, and jumping on the trampoline in the gym teacher’s office. His mind stores thousands of facts and the scientific names of animals and plants, but cannot decode the meaning of the expressions on faces or the definition of a friend. When the local school crossing guard is laid off, Eddy can’t stop thinking about the dangerous intersection and the possibility that someone could get hurt there. Marshalling his talents as a scientist and inventor, he builds a traffic – calming device out of his collection of old machines. Could Eddy’s invention help with more than just the safety situation?

US/Canada only

Bidding is open until March 24th, 1PM EDT.

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Unknown said...

I'm in for 10.00. :)

Anonymous said...

I bid $15.00

Marieke said...

Bidding on this item is closed! Congrats Mara! :-)

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