Call for donations!

No, not the normal kind. Although those are still very welcome too! But as I said yesterday - most new auctions will be put up Mon-Fri. Except one.

Next weekend, we will feature the 'mystery box auction'.

We've had a lot of writers and bloggers mail us to say they wanted to help, but didn't have ARCs or published books to donate.

We asked them to donate their favorite MG/YA book(s) instead.

All those books will be put into one special lot: the mystery box. It means next weekend everyone gets to bid on a stack of favorite reads, but without knowing exactly what they are. Perhaps we'll give you some hints - like one of the books has 'the' in the title - but mostly it's exactly what it says on the box: mystery. To add some extra fun to the auction!

Do you want in on the mystery box? We're still accepting favorite reads, so let us know! (Just - not in the comments. Hush-hush! ;-) )

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