Day 7 - Item 4

From freelance editor Allison Dickson: a full line edit up to 85K words (normally valued at around $1000!).

Aside from running Allison Edits, Allison M. Dickson spends her leisure time writing dark speculative fiction stories, publishing blogs, and burying her head in books. Her work has appeared in e-zines The Absent Willow Review and Reflection's Edge, as well as in the horror anthology The Black Garden. She has also published film reviews and is a die-hard, foodie, gamer, politico, and overall pop culture fanatic.

Allison lives in Dayton, Ohio with her husband Ken, her two children, Natalie and Elias, and a sweet little bobcat named Angus.

You can learn more about her past, current, and future work, her thoughts on the craft of writing and everything else at her
author site.

Line Editing involves a far more substantial evaluation of your story and it is the most popular of the Allison Edits services offered. Line Editing evaluates the message and the flow of your writing and ensures the proper tone for your audience. A line edit not only checks for what you say, but how you say it and to whom. It also includes all of the proofreading and formatting services. (Have a look on the website for details.)

  • Tightens your prose by eliminating unnecessary modifiers, redundancies, cliches, and awkward sentence structure and dialogue
  • Eliminates stylistic issues like passive voice
  • Helps match your document's intent to its audience (i.e. reading and maturity level, proper, persuasive, or evocative vocabulary, etc.)
  • Looks for clarity among your metaphors and similes
  • Makes suggestions for the rearranging of sentences to maintain a consistent flow of thought
  • Makes smooth transitions between ideas
  • Uses knowledge of literary devices and other elements of storytelling to ensure the authenticity, believability, and consistency of plot, story, and character
  • Alerts you to a need for fact-checking or additional research
Allison is booked through to April, but will be able to start the edit come May.


Bidding is open until April 1st, 12PM EDT

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Anonymous said...


Pk Hrezo said...


Brigita said...


Brian Buckley said...

Let's make this interesting...

Allison M. Dickson said...

All right, you guys! I love seeing these bids! Thank you, and I look forward to meeting the winner and discussing his or her manuscript!

Rachael Harrie said...


Brian Buckley said...


Anonymous said...

I have priced formal editing, and at the time couldn't afford it. This is a great donation Allison, I bid $200. Although I would love to win this, I hope for the cause someone destroys my bid.

SCC Delivered said...

Michele Knecht bids $225

Karen Yuan said...

Hi Allison! Would we be able to take a raincheck past May if we won? Thanks!

Marieke said...

Hey Karen, you can discuss exactly scheduling with Allison, it doesn't *have* to be May exactly :)

Karen Yuan said...

Thanks, Marieke :)

Marieke said...

Bidding on this item is now closed! Congrats Michele, please shoot us a mail for further details! :-)

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