Special Auction Item - Mystery Box

Announcing the start of...*drumroll*...the Mystery Box auction.

This is most definitely an auction item! The contents of the Mystery Box will remain a mystery until they are revealed to the winner. They comprise various MG/YA books, which are the favorite reads of the people donating them. There will be at least 5 books, possibly many more, and the winning bidder will receive them by mail in the days/weeks following the auction - what a lovely surprise!

We'll give one little hint. In honor of Diana Wynne Jones, the internationally-recognized fantasy author who inspired so many children's fiction writers, Marieke will be donating a copy of HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE.

As for the rest of this prize, well, the winner will soon find out :)


Bidding is open until April 1st, 3PM EDT.

Also, to make sure they're not affected by the weekend lull, we've made the executive decision to keep the day 5 items open for another day. So more chances to bid!

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Marieke said...

I would almost forget it ;-) Bidding on this item is closed! Congrats Lisa, you're the winner! Please shoot us a mail for further details :)

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