Day 9 - Item 2

From author Pat Schmatz: signed copies of the three current books: Mousestraps, Circle The Truth, and Mrs. Estronsky and the UFO.

Maxie's a cartoonist. Rick's a design genius. Back in grade school, they used to come up with crazy inventions, like mousetraps with a zillion parts. But high school is nothing like child's play. The traps Maxie and Rick encounter now are a lot more complicated – and a lot more dangerous…


First a spiral staircase replaces the regular stairs. The new stairs lead to a living room that isn't his, a cat that isn't his either, and a strange old man whose words are cryptic riddles.

Or are they? Rith's never been into religion. But he realizes those words have a spiritual source - and an uncanny ring of truth. Is he just dreaming? Is the old man God? As Rith tries to circle closer to the truth, the line between reality and unreality blurs…

This rhapsody on faith, acceptance, patience and the relationship between "truth" and "reality" is an unusual and valuable addition to the pantheon of literature for youth, particularly since faith is so seldom addressed with such neutrality in books for younger readers.


“But it’s my birthday. That isn’t fair! Why should I get punished for my birthday? If I’m going to be punished, it should be on your birthday!” That’s Jackie Riley’s response when she receives a gift of piano lessons on her twelfth birthday. Her father and brother have moved to Wyoming and forgotten all about Jackie. The house is empty and her mother cries more than any mother should. How could piano lessons do anything but make it all worse? But when Jackie starts her lessons with Mrs. Estronsky, some unexpected doors begin to open. One October night, something comes flying through one of those open doors and leaves Jackie reeling in the middle of a whole new world — a world much bigger than the one she knew before. “Trust your own experience, Jackie,” says Mrs. Estronsky. “It’s the only truth that you’ll ever know.” Jackie tries out this new idea by interacting differently with her family and friends. Nothing changes — and everything changes — all at the same time.


Bidding is open until April 3rd, 10AM EDT

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Anonymous said...

$10 :)

Amanda Milner said...

$15 ;)

Marieke said...

$25 on behalf of Louise Wynn

Marieke said...

Bidding on this item is closed :) Congrats Louise!

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