Day 7 - Item 5

From author Alex Epstein: a signed copy of The Circle Cast - The Lost Years of Morgan le Fay

The sorceress Morgan le Fay - seducer of King Arthur and destroyer of Britain - was a girl once. But how did an exiled girl become a king's nemesis?

Britain, 480 AD. Saxon barbarians are invading, pushing the civilized British out of their own island. Morgan is the daughter of the governor of Cornwall. But when her father is murdered and her mother taken as the King's new wife, she has to flee to Ireland to avoid being murdered herself.

But Ireland is no refuge. She's captured in a slave raid and sold to a village witch. As Morgan comes of age, she discovers her own magical powers. She falls in love with a young Irish chieftain, and makes him powerful. But will her drive for revenge destroy her one chance for love and happiness?

Author Alex Epstein spent several years researching early Celtic culture and spirituality. The Toronto Star says the book "has the darkness of Celtic magic" and praises its "poetic terseness."

The book's press kit – at – has a big excerpt of THE CIRCLE CAST, as well as a YouTube interview, and fact sheets about historical Britain, Wicca and the legend of Morgan le Fay. The author's blog – at – has even more information about Morgan le Fay, King Arthur and Wicca.


Bidding is open until April 1st, 1PM EDT.

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Anonymous said...


L. said...

20 dollar

Marieke said...

$30 on behalf of Louise Wynn

Marieke said...

Bidding on this item is closed! Congrats Louise! :-)

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