Day 10 - Item 2

From author Cathryn Lindsay: a signed and personalized copy of Who Ate All The Pies?

Cuthbert is hooked on his granny's custard pies. But his world turns topsy turvy when Granny starts feeding him turnip stew instead. With the help of his friend Arnold, Cuthbert embarks on a mission to discover who is eating all of Granny's pies... Will Cuthbert get his just desserts? Find out in this addictively funny adventure story filled with mad inventions, an out-of-control robot, barmy bakers, and lots and lots of custard!

Who ate all the pies is for 6-10 year olds.


Bidding is open until April 5th, 10AM EDT

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Bidding on this item is now closed! Chris, congrats, please mail us for details! :)

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