Please read, part one ;-)

Hey guys!

I'm reporting to you live from beneath a huge stack of paperwork with a few points of order.

We're busy wrapping everything up and fair is fair, you've all been amazing. All but a few bids have been confirmed and paid. Most details have been forwarded to the donors. We only have to coordinate :-)

Still, a few auctions are left open. Where possible I've emailed the winning bidders directly. Some of you I haven't been able to contact.

BOOK MAWSTER, winning bidder of the critique by A Writer Gone Mad,
HELENE, winning bidder of Suzanne Kamata's bilingual picture book, and
FLUR, second highest bidder of the signed copy of Across the Universe and a query critique by Beth Revis, can you contact us as soon as possible? (That is, before Friday! :-) )

Everyone who bid on our Write Hope prize pack, have a look at the comments. Joan offered to make all of you a wonderful handmade bookmark.

What is it you say? Do you want to know our amazing total? Have a look at our final project first. Cause the auction may have ended, we're not completely done yet.

Luna is offering to make Write Hope Packs, with a unique professionally embroidered WRITE HOPE t-shirt, bookmarks and a keychain. Come let us know if you want one! :-)

And then to answer that question... Well... We're still adding up numbers and will announce it shortly... But we're well past $10,000 *SQUEE*

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Jeanmarie Anaya said...

Past $10,000???!!!! That's incredible! My hat's off to you ladies for putting this all together! And to all the people who donated their hard-earned cash for such a great cause!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Wow! Kudos! Thanks for making it happen.

Book Mawnster said...

Sorry, I hadn't checked to see if I won. I just donated $30 for the Writer Gone Mad crit. Thanks again for organizing this. How do I get the crit?

Rachael Harrie said...

Thanks Book Mawnster. Please email us on writehope2011[at]gmail[dot]com.

J.C. Martin said...

O. M. G! Past $10,000??!! Well done, ladies!!

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