Please read, part two ;-) Or, THANK YOU!!

Hey guys!

Well, the final tally is in! It took me a little while to add up all the numbers, doublecheck payments (because we had some awesome people whose awesome companies matched their donation so they donated the traditional way), add up more numbers, but we have it.

The result of the Write Hope auction is...


And that's the net result you guys! All monies have either already been donated or will go to Save the Children as soon as possible!
It's humbling, awe-inspiring and absolutely AMAZING. There's really only one thing we can say to that.Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. To all who donated, bid, supported, promoted, cheered us on. You are truly amazing people. Thank you.

Now before I set the spotlight on Nozomi (cause that's where she likes to be!), one last announcement from my part: HELENE, winning bidder of Suzanne Kamata's bilingual picture book, and FLUR, second highest bidder of the signed copy of Across the Universe and a query critique by Beth Revis, one last call :-) Can you contact us within the next three days? If you don't we'll the next bidder will be able to claim the prize.

Now... t-shirt details!!

Nozomi's back!!!

I wanted to tell you a bit more about the Write Hope pack. Because it's pretty and I want one!

Luna is happy to make them up but we need a minimum order of 20, otherwise the manufacturing costs are too high. There will two version of the Write Hope pack, depending on the final quantities.

Version 1 (for orders between 20-49) = $35
1 Write Hope t-shirt
2 Write Hope Bookmarks (one sided design)

Version 2 (order 50 and above) = $35
1 Write Hope t-shirt
2 write Hope Bookmarks (one sided design)
1 Write Hope key-ring

I've attached the full list of sizes and colors for you to choose from, please note that the t-shirt colors aren't an exact match, but the closest I could find.

If you'd like one please let us know here by filling in this form.

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Caroline Starr Rose said...

Wonderful news! Way to go.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

You guys did such a fantastic job. Thank YOU!!!

Trisha said...

That is AMAZING! Well done everyone! :)

Grandpa said...

Well done Marieke! You have done a truly awesome job indeed.

Life on The Farm

Escape Artist said...

You must be sooooo proud of yourselves. You certainly should be!!
Well done! What a wonderful effort by all!!

Anonymous said...

Amy Holder (The Lipstick Laws) has been amazingly generous with bookmarks and stickers in her auction lot – SO for the first 20 orders I'll be including a Lipstick Laws bookmark & sticker with each pack!


J.C. Martin said...

Woo-hoo!! Great job, ladies! Now if only we could raise that sort of money when our anthology is released...:)

gae polisner said...

add my thanks and awe at you all. You did a great job. that was a TON of work. But look how much good you did! Amazing. :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Congrats on such an awesome job!!!!!

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